Perma 300 CS


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Perma 300 CS High Speed Door

Cold Storage High-Speed Door

  •  Heated Air Curtain
  • Inverter drive with soft start/stop and fully adjustable open/close speeds up to 98 inches per second
  •  Self-regulating heat trace cable inside columns
  • Two sets of through-beam photo eyes
  •  Gravity door with no cables, straps, or springs
  •  Full access two-piece aluminum side columns
  •  Wireless Pneumatic reversing edge
  •  Wireless break-away bottom bar with sensors to stop the door
  •  Simple diagnostic troubleshooting
  •  3" full perimeter brush seal
  • Standard absolute encoder
  • NEMA 4-12 Control panel with multi-tap transformer compatible with 208v-240v, 460v-480v and 575v-600v in single phase
  • Optional Upgrades:

  •  Safe drive motor/gearbox w/standard crank override or chain hoist
  • Top roll cover - Standard or slanted
  • Drive unit cover - Standard or slanted
  •  NEMA 4x control panel
  • Velcro Port-hole windows