Curb Angle

FOR ALL LEVELER MANUFACTURES: The Curb Angle Set is a six or eight piece 3″ x 3″ x 3/16″ angle set that makes the edging of the pour of concrete forms more complete with a clean appearance.

Perma Tech offers Hot Dip Galvanizing on our Perma Pits, Curb Angles, and other steel components.

What is Hot Dip Galvanizing?

Hot Dip Galvanizing is different from all other coating processes because it produces a metallurgical bond between the zinc and the steel which it protects.

Between the zinc and the steel are two identifiable layers of a created alloy consisting of zinc and iron in varying proportions.

While the technique of application had evolved, the principles of galvanizing remain essentially unchanged.

The result is an all but impenetrable integrated surface which prevents corrosion more effectively than any other process available.

Performance varies according to the type of structure and its atmospheric environment, but many applications will have a conservative life cycle in excess of forty years.

Comparable painted surfaces will require periodic maintenance and repainting during the same timeline.