SlowStop Guardrail System

Revolutionary SlowStop® Bollards and Railings are so smart, they even protect themselves.

SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards and Flexible Polycarbonate Rail Systems offer an ingenious solution to warehouse vehicle mishaps. Not only do our guarding solutions absorb impact, to protect people and assets, they also offer a softer landing saving warehouse vehicles. AND they look out for themselves, as they are engineered to bounce back, good as new, rarely needing replacement and avoiding costly concrete repairs, common with other guarding options.

First it gives. Then it takes.

• Patented, impact absorbing bollards and rails
• Protect assets, structures and forklifts
• Prevent COSTLY concrete damage
• Bollards absorb and deflect … over and over

When impacted, fixed bollards and guards can cause severe and costly damage to the concrete in which they’re anchored. Engineered to absorb impact, SLOWSTOP® bollards and guardrails don’t transfer stress to their anchors. They just bounce back.


A breakthrough (in preventing breakthroughs), the SlowStop® Polycarbonate Guardrail System combines a flexible rail with rebounding posts to absorb and deflect impact while minimizing damage to both guardrail and forklift.
THE SIMPLE SYSTEM is easy to install and will offer protection for years.


Revolutionary, impactable steel construction, in combination with our rebounding elastomer base, puts an end to the headache of constantly repairing and replacing bollards. These impact-absorbing warehouse safety champs protect assets, equipment, forklifts and more.