P90 "L-Shaped" Dock Seal

Perma Tech’s P90 dock seal is an “L" shape design that hugs the truck and creates a tight seal from top to bottom that is ideal for servicing both 8′ and 8’6″ wide trucks. The “P90” Dock Seal comes with a Foam Head Pad or F-series curtain depending on door height. The F Series head member is constructed with heavy-duty fabric and extra wear areas are available at critical truck contact points to reduce wear. A galvanized steel pipe across the top of the curtain holds it in place, along with end caps.

The NF, EF, and F Series Head Member Dock Seals are designed to accommodate higher dock door openings and varying truck heights.

The F Series Header can be constructed with any of our high-quality fabrics. A galvanized steel pipe across the top of the curtain, along with tie-back straps hold the curtain in place.


NF – No Foam – Standard on all F Series Dock Seals

EF – 1″ Foam Filled for increased sealing capabilities with adjustability

F – 4″ Foam Filled, limited adjustability

OPTIONS: Extra wear areas at crucial truck contact points to reduce wear and/or velcro slits with rope pull-up to accommodate varying truck heights.