Perma Tech, Inc. was founded in 1984 by father and son; Richard E. (“Dick”) Lund and Richard E. (“Rich”) Lund, Jr. In 2007, Rich acquired sole ownership after his father’s retirement. Perma Tech has established a reputation for designing and building custom loading dock solutions through the success of adopting the principles of lean manufacturing and workforce development.

The Company has created a significant R&D capability in a time when many competitors are attempting to limit themselves to more standardized products. Its use of a Kanban inventory control system allows it to achieve unheard of lead times.  As a result, Perma Tech’s proven craftsmanship, quality construction, delivery time, and customer service are exceptional.

Perma Tech is widely recognized as a growth-oriented international manufacturer of high-quality loading dock equipment that lives up to its mission.


Mission Statement

“Perma Tech, grounded in superior craftsmanship and committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, designs and manufactures high quality, innovative loading dock products for our business partners that improve safety, productivity, and energy savings.”