PermaAIR-Entry Door

Exterior Openings up to 10’ high - Interior Openings up to 11’ high

PermaAIR curtain is designed for climate control in high-traffic areas, including commercial buildings, restaurants, and retail stores. This quiet, highly-uniform PED series ensures a consistent, comfortable airflow that increases customer and employee satisfaction. The PED series is available in unheated and electric heated models to ensure a climate-controlled environment. Stainless steel cabinets fit into the decor of any commercial application.

  • One-piece 18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel cabinet with perforated stainless steel intake screen
  • Two-Speed, Heavy Duty Direct Drive Motors -     1/2 HP 1075 rpm with galvanized blower wheels
  • Plenum design promotes maximum airflow uniformity while reducing air curtain noise levels
  • Adjustable airflow directional vanes deflect air stream  +/-20 degrees
  • 1/2" Cleanable, Foam Filters are optional
  • Pre-wired, fully assembled and fully tested at the factory
  • Includes rear mounting holes for wall mounting and 3/8" threaded inserts on top for threaded rod suspension
  •  Heating elements are mounted inside the plenum,  protected from dust and extending heater life span
  • Sound level: High speed: 53 dBA / Low speed: 51 dBA (Measured 10 ft. from unit in a free field based on a 1 motor unit)

Recommended Controls and Options:

  • Remote Mounted High/Off/Low Switch
  • Commercial Magnetic Door Switch
  • Time Delay Thermostat (if electrically heated)

Single Phase Motor Voltage Available: 

  • 120 (2.5 amps per motor)
  • 208/240 (1.4 amps per motor)
  • 480 (0.7 amps per motor)