PermaAir-Loading Dock


PermaAIR-Loading Dock

Exterior Openings up to 10’ and Interior Openings up to 12’ high

The PLD Loading Dock air curtain is ideal for preventing unwanted air infiltration through loading dock, high speed, exterior doors, as well as used for interior building separation. This air curtain is designed to stop cold or warm air from entering your climate-controlled environment.  The PLD air curtain has a stainless steel cabinet and intake screen, allowing it to fit in almost any industrial or commercial application. It is available in both unheated and electrically heated styles.

  • One-piece 18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Cabinet
  •  Heavy Duty Direct Drive Motors - 3/4 HP - 1630 rpm with Galvanized Blower Wheels - Two Speed Optional
  • Plenum design promotes maximum airflow  uniformity while reducing air curtain noise levels
  • Adjustable airflow directional vanes deflect air stream +/-20 degrees
  • 1/2" Cleanable, Foam Filters are optional
  • Pre-wired fully assembled and fully tested at the factory
  • Includes rear mounting holes for wall mounting   and 3/8" threaded inserts on top for threaded rod suspension
  • Heating elements are mounted inside the plenum, protected from dust and extending the heater life span
  • Sound level: 63 dBA (Measured 10 ft. from the unit in a free field based on a 1 motor unit)

Recommended Controls and Options:

  • Industrial Auto Door Switch
  • Time Delay Relay
  • Remote Mounted Thermostat (if electronically heated)

Single Phase Motor Voltage Available:

  •  120 (8.0 amps/motor) 
  •  208/240 (3.6 amps/motor) 
  •  480 (2.0 amps/motor)