Mechanical Rail Shelter


Variable lengths can be specified to any dimension required. Standard head curtain length is 42”. The shock cords on the head curtain can help hold it out of the way during loading and unloading operations

Spring loaded, 1.5” square tubular steel “X” frames are secured to pressure treated 2” x 6” mounting boards. The tubular steel construction gives the Perma Rail Shelter
(PRS) superior strength. The frames are covered with rugged polyester reinforced flexible vinyl fabric to protect your personnel and produces from the outside elements.


A 1.5” square tubular steel top frame connects the two “X” frames at the front of the unit and a 2” x 4” treated wood mounting board connects the two “X” frames at the back.

Fabric covered foam cube on the front face of shelter provides for a good seal against the side and top of the rail car

Rail Dock Shelter Options:

Available in three & four-sided models

Several color choices are available

Custom sized for each application

Click to download the Perma Mechanical Rail Car survey sheet: Survey sheet_Rail car_PT18