MRI Shelter

Perma MRI AIR provides a seal between the medical facility and mobile MRI trailer with little or no architectural change. It seals around the doorway so a patient can be transported in and out of the trailer without exposure to weather and outside elements. The MRI shelter can be three or four-sided with an 18 oz. fire retardant vinyl-coated polyester. MRI Inflatable has three different types of suspension systems to choose from: elastic rope suspension, rail suspension or slide frame suspension system.

Choose from three different systems to attach the MRI AIR unit to your facility.


MRI AIR with Metal hood and Angle brackets

Upgrade options: 16 gauge formed galvanized steel frame, metal hood, and removable bottom.


MRI AIR with Angle Brackets


MRI AIR with Shock Cords

Contact our product application specialist to design a custom fit unit for your particular dock applications. Call today for pricing at 800-362-7325.