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Hydraulic Vehicle Restraints

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StrongArm™ SVR303

The StrongArm™ SVR303 delivers advanced functionality and security to loading dock operations. A high-visibility barrier-style restraint arm that uses passive engagement keep an ICC bar secured, resulting in less wear and tear and a lower lifetime cost of ownership.

  • Patented IPS sensor for accurate ICC bar detection
  • Submersible: can operate during wet or flooded conditions
  • PosiLock™ dual mechanical lock system for a solid hold

StrongArm™ RVR303

The StrongArm™ RVR303 has a strategic recessed hook design that combines high levels of safety and performance integrity.


  • VersaLock™ securing technology allows the hook to lock securely at multiple positions
  • Vertical hooking range of 8″ to 30″ (203 to 762 mm) above grade
  • The two-point-contact of the hook design ensures correct engagement during loading and unloading

StrongArm™ TL85

The restraining technology of the StrongArm™ TL85 centers around a non-impact “swing-up” arm design to confine a vehicle’s rear impact guard or ICC bar. Passive engagement style reduces wear and tear and substantially lowers the lifetime cost of ownership.

  • VersaLock™ securing technology allows the restraint arm to lock at any angle between 45 and 90 degrees
  • Available with a remote or self-contained powerpack to suit site conditions
  • Compatible with air-ride suspension systems

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