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Perma Uni-Swing

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Perma Swing Traffic Door

Perma Uni-Swing is lightweight, yet durable heavy-duty impact door with an insulated panel and full perimeter seal. Ideal for any application where a resilient, tight seal with an insulated panel is required.


  • Lightweight, insulated full-thickness 1-¾″ impact door
  • Chemically bonded ABS facings—no adhesive, screws or rivets
  • Closed-cell foam insulation
  • Tear-drop bumpers up to 48″ tall
  • Optional stainless steel kick plates and push plates
  • Custom made to specification


  • Food Service
  • Pharmaceutical/Laboratories/Medical Facilities
  • Light Industrial


Perma Uni-Swing
Perma Uni-Swing Perma Uni-Swing

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