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Perma Swing Traffic Door

Fully insulated construction and gasket perimeter make the versatile Perma Swin door perfect for industrial, commercial and food processing applications. Semi-flexible with full-thickness doors and rubber subframe make it durable for long use in stringent load environments. Perma Swing is recommended for environments where temperature control is needed.

Perma Swing Features:

  • Full-thickness 1-½″ insulated construction
  • Rubber subframe and flexible foam construction
  • Full perimeter seals including leading edge
  • Optional stainless steel kick plates and push plates
  • Custom made to specification


  • Industrial Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Pharmaceutical/ Medical Facilities
  • Retail Stores

Mounting Hinges:

V-Cam Hinge with sealed bearings provide 180° swing arc and 1-½″ rise.

fd-175-top-hinge fd-175-bottom-hinge

TOP HINGE                           BOTTOM  HINGE

Perma Swing
Perma Swing Perma Swing Perma Swing