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You can’t avoid what can’t be seen. Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury. Our loading dock lighting solutions increase worker safety and efficiency. From our Heavy Duty LED Lamp Head to our Gooseneck Industrial Task Light, we set the standard for warehouse dock illumination.

Select from a variety of light options that best fits your loading dock needs.

HD LED Dock Lights – Energy Efficent& Green

  • Up to 94% Less Energy than traditional Incandescent fixtures
  • Can Outlast 25 Incandescent bulbs
  • Energy rebate potential

GOOSENECK INDUSTRIAL LIGHT – The Ideal Solution for Both Dock and Task Lighting Applications

  •  Robust light fixture with flexible stainless steel arm that will not sag
  •  Rugged arm assembly incorporates a flexible conduit with a steel elbow that simplifies positioning
  •  Models available with LED bulb or with user-supplied incandescent bulb


  •  80% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs
  • Achieves maximum light intensity instantly
  • No fragile filament to break
  • No shattered glass to sweep up


  • •High impact resistant polycarbonate head
  • Weighs 50% less than conventional metal head dock lights
  •  Wire guard with security clips protect the bulb from abusive contact and keeps it locked in place


Perma Dock Lights
Perma Dock Lights Perma Dock Lights Perma Dock Lights

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