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Loading Dock Accessories

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Bollards offer strong, simple, flexible protection against accidental impact in the widest variety of situations. Bollards can be implemented to protect people, equipment, dock entries, racking and more. Read More
Perma Trailer Stands
When the cab disengages from the trailer, the trailer is at risk of collapse unless a secondary support system is utilized. For strength and support, Perma Tech’s line up of portable Trailer Stands can be easily placed under a trailer’s front end to help prevent mishap and tragedy. Read More
Perma Wheel Chock Safety System
PREVENT CATASTROPHIC ACCIDENTS! Avoid trailer creep and premature departure with Perma wheel chock safety systems. Read More
Perma Dock Lights
You can’t avoid what can’t be seen. Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury. Our loading dock lighting solutions increase worker safety and efficiency. From our Heavy Duty LED Lamp Head to our Gooseneck Industrial Task Light, we set the standard for warehouse dock illumination. Read More
Perma Guarding Systems
A Loaded Forklift Truck Can Weigh in at 7 Tons or More. You Can’t Just Cushion That Blow. While attaching a shock-absorbing cushion to warehouse racks or structural building columns, is an available guarding strategy, the risk of devastating rack collapse or supporting column failure is significant with that kind of force in play. Perma TechTM guarding solutions block sensitive areas to protect against the chance of impact. Read More
SlowStop Guardrail System
Revolutionary SlowStop® Bollards and Railings are so smart, they even protect themselves. SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards and Flexible Polycarbonate Rail Systems offer an ingenious solution to warehouse vehicle mishaps. Read More
Perma Rapid Roll
REUSABILITY Durable and rugged, Rapid RollTM can be used over and over again, making cost per use easily affordable. Perma Rapid RollTM is both reliable and better for the environment than some other temporary barrier fencing options. Because it can be used repeatedly, Rapid RollTM is a greener alternative to traditional fencing, which typically requires twist ties or other disposable fasteners in order to secure the fencing. As well, traditional fencing often needs to be replaced due to damage in transport. Rapid RollTM is protected and neatly rolled up in the cartridge after every use. It’s time to say goodbye to piles of wasted, damaged fencing and time-consuming setup and take down and say hello to a more efficient way to make your worksite safe. Read More
Perma Loading Dock Fans
Perma Tech high capacity fan provides powerful ventilation and cooling solution for the dock, warehouse or trailer. Read More