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Product Line Literature Spec Sheets Installation Instructions
Dock Seals
   Perma FIREguard Dock Seal
   Perma Original Dock Seal
   Perma Protector
   Perma Reducer Dock Seal
   Weather Shield Dock Seal
   Adjustable "AH" Dock Seal
   P- 90 Dock Seal
Dock Shelters
   The Commander - PS 90 Soft-sided Shelter
   The Sentinel - PS 90 Soft-sided Shelter
   The Diverter - Soft-sided Shelter with Rain Dam
   The Warrior - PS90 Soft-sided Shelter
   Perma Rain Dam
   Ultra Dark Soft-Sided Dock Shelter
   Standard Rigid Shelter
   Perma Collapsible X Frame Shelter
   Perma Rigid Ground Shelter
   Perma Rail Car Shelter - Collapsible X Frame
Inflatable Seals
   Perma MRI AIR Inflatable Shelter
   Perma Air Rail
Traffic Doors
   Perma Shield
   Perma Swing
   Perma Uni-Swing
   Perma Glide
   Perma Core
   Perma Lite Traffic Door
   Perma Guard Traffic Door
   Perma Flex- DFP Replacement Panels
   Perma Door Hinges
   PT-1500 Flexible Traffic Door
   PT-1000 Flexible Traffic Door
   PT-1100 Flexible Traffic Door
Roll-Up Doors
   Perma Roll 75- Vinyl Barrier Door
    Perma Insect Roll Up Screen Door
Bumpers / Levelers
   Molded Bumpers
   Nytrex Bumpers
   Steel Face Bumpers
   Laminated Bumpers
Perma Pit / Curb Angle
   Perma Pit
   Curb Angle Sets
Metal Hoods
   Perma Metal Hood
Loading Dock Accessories
   Perma Trailer Stands
   Perma Wheel Chock Safety System
   Perma Dock Lights
   Perma Guard Systems
   SlowStop Guarding System
   Perma Rapid Roll Barrier Solution