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The XDS prevents forklift roll-off and overhead door damage at the loading dock. This XDS unit is a two-in-one combination of the dock leveler and safety guard, and it remains at the forefront of dock safety technology today.


In theory, a loading dock’s overhead doors should be closed when loading or unloading is not taking place. In practice, doors are often left open while the dock leveler is parked, either to let cool air in or get rid of noxious air that has built up throughout the day.

When the XDS is in the parked position, the Door and Dock Guard (DDG) sits 7 1/2″ (191 mm) above ground level, deterring accidental forklift roll-off. When the door is closed, the DDG remains in place, protecting it from impact damage that could result in security risk and expensive downtime.


  • Operated via the Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panel, which ensures ease of operation and alerts both drivers and dock attendants to potentially unsafe conditions
  • Operating range is up to 12″ (305 mm) above and 12″ (305 mm) below the dock leveler
  • Comes complete with a 1HP, Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV) power pack system
  • A hydraulic velocity fuse limits the loaded ramp’s free fall to within 3″ (76 mm)
  • Yieldable lip safely collapses if struck while in the extended position
  • Full operating range toe guard protection (painted safety yellow as specified by ANSI Z535.1)
  • Stationary side toe guards with high-visibility OSHA safety striping
  • Integral maintenance strut supports the deck and lip for safe maintenance and inspection procedures

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