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Loading Dock Levelers

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Designed for demanding applications, each dock leveler offers exceptional performance, reliability, and safety levels as well as a low lifetime cost of ownership. With pit style, vertical storing, and edge-of-dock models in our equipment portfolio, Blue Giant has a solution for any type of freight-handling need.
Vertical Leveler
Vertical Storing Dock Leveler is the perfect loading dock solution for facilities and applications that require strict climate control or high cleanliness levels. Improves internal temperature control and reduces the risk of door damage. Read More
PermaDOCK-MD Mechanical Levelers
Perma Tech's PermaDOCK-MDMechanical Dock Levelers are the economical and safe solution for basic loading dock applications. They are manually operated and easy to use. To operate, simply pull the release chain located at the rear of the deck; the dock will rise and the lip will extend; at which point the dock leveler can be walked down onto the truck bed for safe loading or unloading. Read More
PermaDOCK-HD  Hydraulic Levelers
PermaDOCK-HD hydraulic levelers are easy to operate, convenient to use and are the most cost-efficient model over their lifetime. They are operated by a single push-button control with a constant pressure feature to ensure safety throughout their cycle and are designed with a four-inch tilt in the rear hinge to compensate for any uneven truck beds. Read More
Airbag Dock Leveler
The Blue Giant Airbag Dock Leveler operates safely and efficiently under the toughest conditions: temperature extremes, heavy usage, and exposure to caustic substances. Available in rated capacities of 30,000 to 45,000 lb (13,636 to 20,455 kg) Read More
XTRA Dock Safety
The XDS prevents forklift roll-off and overhead door damage at the loading dock. This XDS unit is a two-in-one combination of the dock leveler and safety guard, and it remains at the forefront of dock safety technology today. Read More
Edge of Dock Levelers
MD-CM Edge-of-Dock Levelers are low-cost yet high-performing solutions for applications that have little variance in trailer height. Read More