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Dock Seals

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Perma Tech Dock Seals are constructed with the highest quality components to ensure the most effective seal possible at the loading dock door. All lumber backboards are pressure treated to prevent rotting, and our polyurethane foam is the ideal density to form an airtight seal against the trailer. The foam's high resiliency prevents foam "sag", maintaining the seal's neat appearance and performance over time. The most critical component in determining the useful life of a dock seal is the covering material. Perma Tech's products are constructed with high tear vinyl fabrics, available in all varieties of weights and colors. A tight dock seal reduces heating and cooling costs, improves loading safety, security, and will protect your products from the elements. Our custom designed seals are built to suit every dock situation - from light volume traffic to the heaviest traffic.
Perma FIREguard Dock Seal
Perma Tech Fireguard Dock Seal is the perfect seal to help prevent fires at the loading dock due to the heat build up of compressed trailer marker lights against the dock seal. Read More
Perma Original Dock Seal
The Perma "Original" Dock Seals are constructed with highest quality components to ensure the most effective seal at the loading dock door that includes 2" hemmed sides with brass grommets in the header and side pads for release air and moisture from the seal. Read More
Perma Protector Dock Seal
Protect your warehouse with the Perma Protector to prevent theft at the loading dock with reinforced seals wrapped in vinyl coated chain-link. Read More
Perma Reducer Dock Seal
Perma Tech's Reducer Dock Seal is a reversed wedge cut side members, extend less foam into the door opening to effectively seal the trailer without subjecting wood backboards to damage from passing loads. Read More
Weather Shield Series Dock Seal
Weather Shield Series is an effective and efficient dock seal that meets budget requirements and industry standards. The Weather Sheid dock seal is a wrapped foam with high-quality vinyl and stapled construction on pressure treated backboards that meet industry standards. Read More
Adjustable Head Member Dock Seal
The Perma "AH" Adjustable Head Member Dock Seal offers the benefits of three-sided foam seal protection along with an adjustable 18" high, steel framed head member for varying truck height coverage. Read More
Perma P-90
Perma Tech's P90 dock seal save you money by allowing one unit to do the job of two, by servicing both 8' and 8'6" wide trucks, all this with no obstruction to the rear of the trailer opening. Read More