Nytrex Bumpers


Replaces steel-faced, laminated, or molded bumpers

Covered by a 5-year warranty (Nytrex only)

Just flip it for 2 times the life from one bumper

Reduces maintenance/replacement costs

Safety yellow for high visibility and better trailer placement

Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable)

Will fit existing anchor locations when replacing molded bumpers of equivalent size

Sizes & Specifications:

4″ Standard projection: 3.25″ Nytrex and 0.75″ Rubber backer for added impact absorption.

Also available as 6″ projection assemblies.

Three standard sizes:

Model Nytrex 18: face is 10″ wide × 18″ high

Model Nytrex R: face is 12″ wide × 13″ high

Model Nytrex 13: face is 10″ wide × 13″ high

Various projections available by adding steel extension brackets.