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We have laminated bumpers in-house for your current projects. Give us a call and we will send them out with your order. In Stock Laminate Bumpers 4" Projection 10" H x 14' W 4" Projection 20" H X 11" W 6" Projection 10" H X 14" W 6" Projection 20" H X 11" W
Molded Bumpers
A Light Traffic Champion Ideal for low-traffic, low-impact applications Tough rubber composite formed to meet many needs An economical and flexible option For Light Traffic Areas, 1-Yr. Manufacturer’s Warranty Read More
Nytex Bumpers
A Perma Tech Top Option Engineered from a durable, near-indestructible nylon Brightly colored to provide a visual cue for drivers Best Warranty Flippable nylon impact pads for 2-times the lifespan Read More
Steel Face Bumpers
Perma Tech Top Option Strong steel face, cushioned by durable rubber laminates 3/8” (9.5mm) Free-Floating steel face absorbs maximum impact Great for heavy use dock positions Read More
Laminated Bumpers
The Workhorse Tough, laminated truck tire construction resists abrasion Outperforms recycled conveyor belt styles 3/8” (9.5mm) steel angles provide maximum strength Tough and Durable, 2-Yr. Ltd. Warranty Read More